Diapol Granite OÜ, registry code 10613494, address Harju County, Saue Parish, Saue City, Kasesalu 10, 76505 (hereinafter: Diapol) and the client who submits an order in the e-shop (; hereinafter: E-shop) of Diapol (hereinafter: Client) hereby enter into an agreement for the use of the e-shop under the following conditions (hereinafter: Terms of Use).

    • Diapol manufactures, sells, and installs kitchen surfaces (hereinafter: Surfaces).
    • The E-shop is an online shop created and managed by Diapol, where Clients can order the surveying, manufacturing, transportation, and installation of the Surface (hereinafter: Products and Services).
    • For the parts that are not regulated in the Terms of Use, the parties will apply the General Terms of Sale of Diapol for the sale of the Products and Services, see[•] (hereinafter: Terms of Sale) and the privacy policy, see[•] (hereinafter: Privacy Policy).The Terms of Sale and the Privacy Policy are substantial and integral parts of the Terms of Use.
    • The Terms of Use (including the Terms of Sale and the Privacy Policy) apply for the orders made for the Products and Services via the E-shop.
    • Diapol is entitled to amend and supplement the Terms of Use unilaterally. Clients are notified of the changes to the Terms of Use by e-mail.
    • To submit an order in the E-shop, there must be a valid price offer (hereinafter: Price offer; see clause 3 of the Terms of Sale).
    • The Client can enter the E-shop by entering a unique order number which is visible on the Price Offer.
    • After the order number has been entered, all Price Offers as well as their final price will be displayed to the Client which the Client can pay for via the environment.
    • To complete an order, the Client chooses which Price Offers they want to confirm in the E-shop environment and clicks on the “Submit an order” button.
  1. FEE
    • After the order has been submitted, the Client will be redirected to the secure environment of Maksekeskus AS to make the payment. There is a pre-filled payment order which specifies the sum to be paid. After entering the card number, the security code (3-digit number on the back side of the card), and the expiry date of the card, Maksekeskus AS will authorise the transaction in the bank of the Client.
    • The SSL security protocol and the MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa security programmes are used for asking for the card data and this ensures that unauthorised persons cannot intercept or change the exchanged data.
    • The Client will pay Diapol via the environment the fee in accordance with the price offer with a credit card payment.
    • The fee will be displayed in euros and it includes VAT. The transport and/or installation fee (if applicable) is listed separately in the price offer.
    • After the fee has been paid, Diapol will send a confirmation to the Client’s e-mail address regarding the payment of the fee and/or failures to do so.
    • The order can be paid for in the ways shown in the online environment. A service charge may be added to the order in accordance with the contract concluded between the Client and the issuer of the bank or credit card.
    • All refunds made by Diapol to the Client will be made to the same current account of the Client which was used to pay for the order.
    • As the Surfaces are manufactured exclusively as a special order, the consumers’ right of withdrawal from the Contract without reason within 14 days is not applied to the Surfaces ordered from the E-shop.
    • Diapol and the Client are responsible for the damages caused to the other party from the violation of the Terms of Use in the cases and to the extent provided by the valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia.
    • The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted to the online environment. If the Client submits incomplete or incorrect data, Diapol is not responsible for the consequences of this and has the right to demand compensation from the Client for the damages caused thereby.
    • The Client is responsible for the secure use of the unique order number that is required to log in to the E-shop and undertakes to ensure that their order number is not acquired by third parties (including their minor family members).
    • If the Client suspects that third parties have acquired their login details, the Client undertakes to inform Diapol.

For questions and complaints, please contact the customer service of Diapol: Diapol Granite OÜ, e-mail:, phone: +372 513 7733